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IATAICAOAWB PrefixAirline NameCountry
I4FWA Interstate AirlinesNetherlands
I5CMM Compagnie Aerienne du MaliMali
I6MXI MexicanaLinkMexico
I6SEQ SkyEyes AirlinesThailand
I7PMW Paramount AirwaysIndia
I8IDA Indonesia Air TransportIndonesia
I9AEY067Air ItalyItaly
IAIAW073Iraqi AirwaysIraq
ICIAC058Indian AirlinesIndia
IDNMO Air NormandieFrance
IESOL193Solomon AirlinesSolomon Is
IFGCA Great China AirlinesTaiwan ROC
IFISW Islas AirwaysCanary Is
IHFCN759Falcon AirSweden
IHMZA Irtysh AirKazakhstan
IIGNT593Business AirUnited Kingdom
IICSQ175IBC Airways IncUnited States
IJGWL989Great Wall AirlinesChina PRC
IJTAT936TAT European AirlinesFrance
IKITX Imair AirlineAzerbaijan
ILIST Istanbul AirlinesTurkey
INMAK367Macedonian Airlines-MATMacedonia
IOILP ILPO Aruba CargoAruba
IPJOL312Atyrau AirwaysKazakhstan
IQAUB614Augsburg AirwaysGermany
IQIRT614Interot AirwaysGermany
IRIRA096Iran AirIran
ITITF279Air InterFrance
ITKFR090Kingfisher AirlinesIndia
IVCFJ791Fujian AirlinesChina PRC
IVJET WindjetItaly
IWAOM AOM French AirlinesFrance
IWWON Wings AirIndonesia
IXAXB Air-India ExpressIndia
IXFRS972Flandre AirFrance
IYIYE635Yemenia AirwaysYemen
IZAIZ238Arkia-Israeli AirlinesIsrael


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