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IATAICAOAWB PrefixAirline NameCountry
D0DHK DHL AirUnited Kingdom
D2SSF Severstal Air CompanyRussia
D3DAO991Daallo AirlinesDjibouti
D4 Aries Del SurArgentina
D5DAE992DHL Aero ExpresoPanama
D6ILN625Interair South AfricaSouth Africa
D7XAX AirAsia XMalaysia
D7RDN429Dinar Lineas AereasArgentina
D8DSL213Diamond Sakha AirlinesRussia
D8DJB Djibouti AirlinesDjibouti
DAGEO500Air GeorgiaGeorgia
DBDBD Air Niagara ExpressCanada
DBBZH750Brit AirFrance
DCDCC Caribbean Air CargoUnited States
DCGAO Golden Air FlygSweden
DDEPC Conti-FlugGermany
DDNOK Nok AirThailand
DFDER898Deer JetChina PRC
DGCTT373Custom Air TransportUnited States
DHBLR480Atlantic Coast Airlines (United Express)United States
DJNOD Nordic European AirlinesSweden
DJPBN Pacific BlueNew Zealand
DJVOZ795Virgin BlueAustralia
DKELA Eastland AirAustralia
DKVKG630Thomas Cook Airlines ScandinaviaDenmark
DLDAL006Delta Air LinesUnited States
DNCPT Corporate AirUnited States
DNDKN DeccanIndia
DORVL965Air ValleeItaly
DOASE AirstarsRussia
DODOA113Dominicana de AviacionDominican Republic
DPFCA091First Choice AirwaysUnited Kingdom
DQCXT457Coastal Air TransportVirgin Is (USA)
DRBIE Air MéditerranéeFrance
DSEZS Easyjet SwitzerlandSwitzerland
DTDTA118TAAG Angola AirlinesAngola
DUHMS748Hemus AirBulgaria
DVVSV SCAT AirKazakhstan
DWUCR187ACR Aero-Charter AirlinesUkraine
DWRAR Aviaross Air CompanyRussia
DXDTR Danish Air TransportDenmark
DYDYA Alyemen AirlinesYemen
DYNAX328Norwegian Air ShuttleNorway
DZKET CAT Cargo Air TransportTurkey
DZLMZ Starline.kzKazakhstan


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