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IATAICAOAWB PrefixAirline NameCountry
C0CLW CentralwingsPoland
C2ALU Air Luxor STPSao Tome & Principe
C4COU Airlines of CarriacouGrenada
C4CGK094Click AirwaysSharjah
C4IMX Zimex AviationSwitzerland
C6BHT116Bright AirNetherlands
C6CJA Canjet AirlinesCanada
C7RLE Rico Linhas AéreasBrazil
C7UZS732Samarkand AirwaysUzbekistan
C7SCI424Special Cargo AirlinesRussia
C8ICV Cargolux ItaliaItaly
C8WDY488Chicago Express AirlinesUnited States
C9RUS251Cirrus AirlinesGermany
C9 CLA Air TransportRussia
CACCA999Air ChinaChina PRC
CACAO Air China CargoChina PRC
CBSAY ScotAirwaysUnited Kingdom
CCABD318Air Atlanta IcelandicIceland
CCMCK374MacAir AirlinesAustralia
CDLLR296Air India RegionalIndia
CECEX Capitol Air ExpressUnited States
CENTW567Nationwide AirSouth Africa
CFSDR City AirlineSweden
CFCFP Faucett Peruvian AirlinesPeru
CHBMJ Bemidji AirlinesUnited States
CICAL297China AirlinesTaiwan ROC
CJCBF782China Northern AirlinesChina PRC
CKNDR Andesmar Lineas AereasArgentina
CKCKK112China Cargo AirlinesChina PRC
CLCLH683Lufthansa CityLineGermany
CMCMP230COPA AirlinesPanama
COCOA005Continental AirlinesUnited States
CPCDN018Canadian Airlines InternationalCanada
CQCCG Czech Connect AirlinesCzech Republic
CQEXL Sunshine Express AirlinesAustralia
CRNHA Air NoveBulgaria
CSCMI596Continental MicronesiaGuam
CTSFB551Air SofiaBulgaria
CVCLX172Cargolux AirlinesLuxembourg
CWMRS778Air Marshall IslandsMarshall Is
CXCPA160Cathay Pacific AirwaysHong Kong
CYCYP048Cyprus AirwaysCyprus
CZCSN784China Southern AirlinesChina PRC
CZCGH Guizhou AirlinesChina PRC


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