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Country Code: +1  blob  IDD Access Code: 011   blob  Time Zone: GMT-5/10

Youngstown - Warren Regional Airport (YNG/KYNG)

Youngstown Airport, OH, United States, Western Reserve Port Authority, 1453 Youngstown-Kingsville Road NE, Vienna, OH 44473-9797, United States of America
Tel: +1 330 856-1537, +1 330 539-4233
Fax: +1 330 539-4833
Managing Director: Thomas Nolan +1 330 539-4233
Operator: Western Reserve Port Authority

Airport Data: International, Youngstown, OH 16km (9miles), Position 41°15´39"N, 080°40´45"W, Elevation 365m (1 197ft), 24 hours, 1 Passenger Terminal, 2 Cargo Terminals, 8 Aircraft Stands

Customs Tel: +1 330 539-4233
Fax: +1 330 539-4833
Customs Hours: 60 days notice (with operating agreement)
Director of Aviation: Tom Nolan

Traffic 2005 2006 2007
Passenger throughput 13 000 24 000 35 000

Airfield Data: 3 Runways, Fire Category D
Emergency Services: All
Navigational Aids: VORTAC, NDB, ASR, GPS, RNAV
Airfield Restrictions: None
Noise Restrictions: None
Aircraft Maintenance: Major airframe and powerplant, avionics
Runway 1: Heading 14/32, 2 744m (9 002ft), ALL, ICAO Cat. ALL, Aircraft size max: heavy, ILS, Lighting: HIRLS
Runway 2: Heading 05/23, 1 525m (5 003ft), MEDIUM, ICAO Cat. MEDIUM, Aircraft size max: Med Class, Lighting: MIRLS
Runway 3: Heading 14R/32L, 1 067m (3 500ft)

Cargo Facilities: Capacity 100 000tonnes (220 460,000lbs), Warehouse 83 536m² (899 174sq ft), 8x 747 Freighter Docks, Bonded Warehouse, Free Port/Foreign Trade Zone, EU Border Post, Aircraft Maintenance, Mechanical Handling, Heated Storage, Air-Conditioned Storage, Deep Freeze Storage, Security for Valuables, Very Large/Heavy Cargo, Express/Courier Centre, Room for the expansion of facilities, Handling Equipment: Ground and Cargo

Passenger Facilities: Annual Capacity 250 000, 5 check-in desks, 6 gates, 2 airbridges, 1 baggage claim belt, 600 short term parking spaces, 600 long term parking spaces, 5 Airport Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, VIP Lounge, Newsagent/Tobacconist, Chemist Shop, Gift Shop, Travel Agent, Car Rental, Taxi Service/Rank, First Aid, Disabled Access/Facilities, Business Centre

Additional Information: The airport has just completed a modernisation and expansion designed to accommodate air cargo and offer some of the lowest operating costs and most attractive incentive programs in North America. All enquiries shall be treated confidentially (domestic and international operations). The airport is owned and operated by the Western Reserve Port Authority. The Authority is interested in accommodating any size air cargo and/or airline development.

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