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Country Code: +1  blob  IDD Access Code: 011   blob  Time Zone: GMT-5/10

San Antonio - Kelly Field Annex Airport (SKF/KSKF)

San Antonio, TX, United States, 907 Billy Mitchell Boulevard, San Antonio, TX 78226-1802, United States of America
Tel: +1 210 362-7814
Fax: +1 210 362-7807
VP Business Development: Jorge Canavati
Operator: Port San Antonio

Airport Data: Cargo Only, San Antonio, TX 1km (½mile), Position 29°23´03"N, 098°34´52"W, Operating hours 07:00-23:00, 1 Cargo Terminal, 4 Aircraft Stands

Customs Hours: 08:00-17:00
Customs Hours: 08:00-17:00

Airfield Data
Emergency Services: Military Fire Fighting
Aircraft Maintenance: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Pratt and Whitney and Standard Aero
Refuelling: JP8 (Jet A w/ additive)
Runway 1: 3 505m (11 499ft), Aircraft size max: AN-225

Cargo Facilities: Warehouse 8 315m² (89 501sq ft), 4x 747 Freighter Docks, Domestic Cargo Only, Aircraft Maintenance, Security for Valuables, Very Large/Heavy Cargo, Express/Courier Centre

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