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Country Code: +1  blob  IDD Access Code: 011   blob  Time Zone: GMT-5/10

Atlantic City International Airport (ACY/KACY)

Atlantic City Airport, NJ, United States, Egg Harbor Twp, Atlantic City, NJ 08234, United States of America
Tel: +1 609 645-7895
Fax: +1 609 641-4348
Managing Director: Thomas Rafter AAE +1 609 641-3833

Airport Data: International, Pleasantville, NJ 2km (1mile), Position 39°27´27"N, 074°34´38"W, Elevation 23m (75ft), 24 hours

Customs Tel: +1 609 484-1610
Fax: +1 609 484-1614
Customs Hours: 08:00-17:00 Mon-Fri, User Fee Airport
Senior Inspector: Mr John Witiw

Traffic 2004 2005 2006 2007
Passenger throughput 1 017 000 934 000 916 000 1 132 000

Airfield Data: 2 Runways
Navigational Aids: VORTAC, NDB
Noise Restrictions: No training 04:00-12:00Z (Sun 12:00-17:00Z), no practice circling
Runway 1: Heading 13/31, 3 048m (10 000ft), Aircraft size max: Wide Body, ILS, Lighting: HIRL (NSTD), SSALR, TDZL (NSTD), 31: REIL, VASI
Runway 2: Heading 04/22, 1 873m (6 145ft)

Additional Information: Attended continuously. Airport is closed to four-engine aircraft training Mon-Fri 21:00-13:00. Major construction and crane activity adjacent to commercial terminal building. PAEW in grass areas SR-SS. A-Gear Rwy 31 located 1,600 ft from threshold, ctc tower to operations. A-Gear Rwy 13 located 1,600 ft from threshold, ctc tower for operations. Rwy 13 TDZL system nstd; last set of light bars is missing. Taxiway C closed to dual and double tandem equipped aircraft. Experimental heliport located on N side of airport restricted to use of FAA project aircraft only. High performance military aircraft operating at airport. Charter operators ctc American Port Services (800) 451-2546 Mon-Fri 18:00-02:00Z. FAA apron PPR call (609) 485-6482, Rwy 13/31 nstd HIRL; has additional threshold lights: spacing does not conform to the standard. US Customs user fee airport.

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