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Country Code: +507  blob  IDD Access Code: 00   blob  NDD National Prefix: 0   blob  Time Zone: GMT-5  blob  Business Language: Spanish

Panama City - Tocumen Airport (PTY/MPTO)

Panama City, Tocumen, Panama, PO Box 0838, Zona 12, Panama, 02408, Panama
Tel: +507 (0)238-2600, +507 (0)238-2700
Fax: +507 (0)238-4725
Managing Director: Fatima Perez Polo +507 (0)238-2703
Operations Director: Claudio Dutary +507 (0)238-2871
Finance Manager: Ricardo Morcillo +507 (0)238-2900
Marketing Manager: Maria Victoria Arias +507 (0)238-2875
Air Traffic Controller: Ricardo Rodriguez +507 (0)238-2601, +507 (0)238-2639
Public Relations Manager: Raquel Mendez +507 (0)238-2707, +507 (0)238-2809
Security Manager: Roberto Carrillo +507 (0)238-2821
Operator: Tocumen, SA

Airport Data: International, Panama City 21km (13miles), Position 09°04´17"N, 079°23´00"W, Elevation 41m (134ft), 1 Passenger Terminal, 1 Cargo Terminal, 18 Aircraft Stands

Customs Tel: +507 (0)238-4110
Fax: +507 (0)238-4110
Customs Hours: 24 hours
Manager: Jovan Guevara

Airfield Data: 2 Runways, Fire Category 10
Emergency Services: Clinic 24hrs, medical doctor, paramedic, ambulance, fire service
Navigational Aids: ILS Cat 1 DME, VOR, middle marker, outer marker, NDB
Aircraft Maintenance: Yes
Refuelling: Ogden Aviation Service (507) 238-3053
Runway 1: Heading 03R/21L, 3 050m (10 006ft), 140/R/C/X/U, Aircraft size max: All, Lighting: APCM, TWR, REDL, RENL, Rwy 03R, ILS, Rwy 21L, No ILS
Runway 2: Heading 03L/21R, 2 682m (8 799ft), 63/F/B/X/U, Rwy 03L, ILS, Rwy 21R, No ILS

Airlines Serving Airport: Aerosucre, Aires Colombia (Aerovias), American Airlines, Avianca, COPA, Cargolux, Continental, DHL Aero Expreso, Delta Air Lines, FedEx Express, Iberia, LAS-Suramericanas, Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, TACA/Groupo TACA, UPS Airlines, West Caribbean Airways

Cargo Facilities: Warehouse 15 000m² (161 458sq ft), 1x 747 Freighter Dock, Bonded Warehouse, Transit Zone, Aircraft Maintenance, Mechanical Handling, Animal Quarantine, X-Ray Equipment, Dangerous Goods, Express/Courier Centre, Handling Equipment: Loader (main deck), fork lift, bar, tow tractor, conveyor belt, starter

Passenger Facilities: 14 check-in desks, 2 baggage claim belts, 1 Airport Hotel, Min. Connection Times Intl-Intl: 60mins, Dom-Intl: 60mins, Bank, Bureau de Change, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Bars, VIP Lounge, Duty Free Shop, Gift Shop, Tourist Help Desk, Car Rental, Taxi Service/Rank, First Aid, Disabled Access/Facilities

Additional Information: The recently completed expansion project for the main terminal means that the airport now has 21 gates and 10 remote positions.

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