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Country Code: +1 670  blob  IDD Access Code: 011   blob  NDD National Prefix: 1   blob  Time Zone: GMT+10

Rota International Airport (ROP/PGRO)

Rota, Northern Mariana Islands, Rota, Northern Mariana Islands
Tel: +1 670 (1)532 9497
Fax: +1 670 (1)532 9499
Ports Manager: Benjamin Manglona

Airport Data: International, Position 14°10´28"N, 145°14´33"E, Elevation 185m (606ft)

Airfield Data
Navigational Aids: NDB, TACAN
Runway 1: Heading 09/27, 1 829m (6 000ft), Aircraft size max: Shorts 360

Additional Information: Inter-island flights from Saipan and Guam. Immigration and customs available for flights from Guam. Runway can accomodate 757s and 727s with restricted landing and take-off load. Repairs to runway damaged by typhoon should be completed by August 2004.

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