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Country Code: +299  blob  IDD Access Code: 00   blob  Time Zone: GMT-3

Kangerlussuaq Airport

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, PO Box 1006, DK-3910 Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Tel: (Operations) +299 841113
Tel: (Airport Authority) +299 841300 Ext 7907/8
Tel: (Airfreight) +299 841213
Fax: (Operations) +299 841039
Fax: (Airfreight) +299 841287
Air Traffic Controller: Jørgen Jørgensen +299 841300
Security Manager: Birthe Rasmussen +299 841300
Airport Manager: Svend Christiansen

Airport Data: International, Heliport, Near Kangerlussuaq, Position 67°01´01"N, 050°41´22"W, Elevation 50m (164ft), Operating hours Mon-Sat 10:00-19:00, 1 Passenger Terminal, 1 Cargo Terminal

Customs Tel: +299 841300
Fax: +299 841039
Customs Hours: 10:00-19:00 Mon-Sat
Airport Manager: Allan H Pedersen

Airfield Data: Fire Category 5,8
Navigational Aids: NDB
Runway 1: Heading 10/28, 2 810m (9 219ft), Aircraft size max: No limit, ILS

Airlines Serving Airport: Air Greenland, Air National Guard, First Air, SAS-Scandinavian

Cargo Facilities: 2x 747 Freighter Docks, Bonded Warehouse, Transit Zone, Free Port/Foreign Trade Zone, Mechanical Handling, Heated Storage, Refrigerated Storage, Deep Freeze Storage, Security for Valuables, Dangerous Goods, Very Large/Heavy Cargo

Passenger Facilities: 3 check-in desks, 2 gates, 2 airbridges, 1 Airport Hotel, Post Office, Bureau de Change, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Bars, VIP Lounge, Duty Free Shop, Newsagent/Tobacconist, Gift Shop, Travel Agent, Tourist Help Desk, Car Rental, Taxi Service/Rank, First Aid, Disabled Access/Facilities

Additional Information: Due to regularity and position, the airport meets demands as cargo hub Conus/Europa and new terminal and cargo facilities are under development

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