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Country Code: +30  blob  IDD Access Code: 00   blob  Time Zone: GMT+2

Mytilene International Airport

Mytilene, Greece, Kavetsou 44, GR-81100 Mytilene, Greece
Tel: (Secretariat) +30 2251 06 1212
Tel: (Air Traffic Control) +30 2251 06 1234
Tel: (Operations) +30 2251 06 1256, +30 2251 06 1290
Fax: +30 2251 06 1730
Telex: 0297 111
Managing Director: Efstratios Vakoulis +30 2251 06 1507
Olympic Airways Man Director: G Tsiftsis
Operator: Civil Aviation Authority

Airport Data: International, Mytilene 7km (4miles), Position 39°03´24"N, 026°35´54"E, Elevation 18m (59ft)

Customs Tel: +30 2251 061357, +30 02251 028311
Customs Hours: On request

Airfield Data: Fire Category 6
Emergency Services: Motor ambulance, hospital at Mitilini
Navigational Aids: VOR-DME, NDB
Airfield Restrictions: All manoeuvres to East-high terrain, back track-rwy or turning circle
Aircraft Maintenance: None
Runway 1: Heading 14/32, 2 406m (7 893ft), 30/F/D/X/T, Aircraft size max: Up to A300, Lighting: PAPI 3, Threshold edge end LIM

Cargo Facilities: Domestic Cargo Only, Handling Equipment: Forklift (2 tons)

Passenger Facilities: Cafeterias

Additional Information: The airport, located on the east coast of Lesvos Island, with air conditioned public spaces, is within easy reach of the town of Mitilini (7km). Car hire is available at the airport as well as taxis to the city. There is limited choice of hotel accomodation on the way to town but a wider selection in the town itself. Extension of the public spaces, apron and runway has been scheduled to be completed within the next five years.

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