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Country Code: +33  blob  IDD Access Code: 00   blob  NDD National Prefix: 0   blob  Time Zone: GMT+1  blob  Business Language: French

Le Touquet - Côte d´Opale Airport (LTQ/LFAT)

Le Touquet Airport, France, FR-62520 Le Touquet, France
Tel: +33 (0)3
Fax: +33 (0)3
Telex: 160 192 F

Airport Data: International, Position 50°31´03"N, 001°37´14"W, Elevation 11m (36ft), Operating hours 09:00-20:00, 1 Passenger Terminal

Customs Tel: +33 (0)3
Customs Hours: as airport

Airfield Data: 2 Runways, Fire Category 2
Navigational Aids: Locator, Localizer Rwy 14, PAPI rwy 32
Airfield Restrictions: None
Noise Restrictions: None
Aircraft Maintenance: None
Runway 1: Heading 14/32, 1 850m (6 069ft), Lighting: HIRL, HIALS 14

Cargo Facilities: Manual handling, handling by arrangement

Additional Information: A lot of investments are planned to Le Touquet Airport: Approach light system and a shop of regional products. The airport is situated 5 minutes from Le Touquet by car, 15 minutes by bicycle and 30 minutes by foot. Free parking spaces are available. Fuel available: 100LL, Jet A1 (Air Total).

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