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Country Code: +372  blob  IDD Access Code: 00   blob  Time Zone: GMT+2  blob  Business Language: English

Kärdla Airport (KDL/EEKA)

Kärdla, Estonia, Hiiessaare, EE-92414 Kärdla, Estonia
Tel: +372 46 3-10-03
Fax: +372 46 3-10-03
Managing Director: Stanislav Sharkovski +372 46 3-10-02
Finance Manager: Vally Randviir
Marketing Manager: Stanislav Sharkovski
Cargo Manager: Meeme Mand
Air Traffic Controller: Tonu Tomson +372 46 3-10-02
Security Manager: Boris Smerdov +372 46 3-10-02
Operator: Avies

Airport Data: International, Kärdla 7km (4miles), Position 58°59´27"N, 022°49´51"E, Elevation 5m (16ft), Operating hours 04:00-17:00 UTC (outside these hours on request), 1 Passenger Terminal, 1 Cargo Terminal, 4 Aircraft Stands

Customs Tel: +372 46 3-20-71
Customs Hours: 05:00-14:00 UTC
Customs Chief: Mrs Annely Mauer

Traffic 2004 2005 2006
Passenger throughput 8 840 8 890 11 073
Aircraft movements 1 436 1 685 1 488

Airfield Data: Fire Category 4
Emergency Services: Fire fighting truck with 9 tonnes of water & 1 tonne of foam
Navigational Aids: NDB, PAR, DME
Airfield Restrictions: None
Noise Restrictions: None
Aircraft Maintenance: AVGAS, JET A1, Storages
Runway 1: Heading 14/32, 1 520m (4 986ft), 120/F/A/W, ICAO Cat. IIIC, Aircraft size max: MTOW 35 tonnes, Rwy 14, No ILS, Lighting: HI Rwy lights, PAPI, Rwy 32, ILS CAT I, Lighting: HI Rwy lights, PAPI

Airlines Serving Airport: Avies

Cargo Facilities: Capacity 20tonnes (44,000lbs), Warehouse 200m² (2 152sq ft), Bonded Warehouse, EU Border Post, Mechanical Handling, Health Officials, X-Ray Equipment

Passenger Facilities: 1 check-in desk, 1 gate, 3 short term parking spaces, long term parking spaces, 1 Airport Hotel, Bank, Bureau de Change, Bars, Duty Free Shop, Newsagent/Tobacconist, Chemist Shop, Gift Shop, Travel Agent, First Aid, Baby/Parent Room

Additional Information: Kardla Airport offers regular connections to Estonian mainland, serving as an airport for private flights, providing facilities for tourism charter operations. The Kardla Fly-in is an annual event on the first week of August.

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