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Country Code: +243  blob  IDD Access Code: 00   blob  Time Zone: GMT+1/2  blob  Business Language: French

Mbandaka Airport (MDK/FZEA)

Mbandaka Airport, Congo (Democratic Rep.), PO Box 1-022, Mbandaka/Rva, Mbandaka Airport, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Managing Director: Gedeon Mangolopa Sikuli
Operations Director: William Lokoka Bola
Finance Manager: Leonard Ngashi Mukonkole
Marketing Manager: Leon Kapume
Air Traffic Controller: William Jean Paul Omer
Public Relations Manager: Michel Mosuluka Ebenga
Security Manager: Bosoki Bongolongondo

Airport Data: Mbandaka 7km (4miles), Position 00°01´21"N, 018°17´19"E, Elevation 317m (1 040ft), Operating hours 60:00 utc - 16:30 utc, 1 Passenger Terminal, 1 Cargo Terminal, 3 Aircraft Stands

Airfield Data: Fire Category AB
Emergency Services: On duty
Navigational Aids: VOR/DME, NDB, U/S Unservicesable
Airfield Restrictions: None
Noise Restrictions: Standard Restrictions
Aircraft Maintenance: None
Runway 1: Heading 18/36, 2 200m (7 217ft), 15 T/1, Aircraft size max: IL76, B707, DC8, A300, No ILS, Lighting: Unserviceable

Airlines Serving Airport: Africa One, WaltAir

Cargo Facilities: Warehouse 600m² (6 458sq ft), Bonded Warehouse

Passenger Facilities: 1 check-in desk, 2 short term parking spaces, Bars, VIP Lounge

Additional Information: Due to the ongoing conflict in the area the airport is under military control. Once peace has been restored in the area the airport will be fully operational once again.

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