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Country Code: +53  blob  IDD Access Code: 119   blob  NDD National Prefix: 0   blob  Time Zone: GMT-5  blob  Business Language: Spanish

Cienfuegos - Jamie González Int´l Airport (CFG/MUCF)

Cienfuegos Airport, Cuba, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 (0)432 451328, +53 (0)432 452047, +53 (0)432 452267
Fax: +53 (0)432 451328
Managing Director: Julio E Araña González +53 (0)432 452235
Operations Director: Mario B Vera Luna +53 (0)432 451328
Finance Manager: Ma Caridad Gómez Morales
Cargo Manager: Boris L Rodriguez M
Passenger Manager: Dileys Alejo Segrera +53 (0)432 452267
Air Traffic Controller: Omar Gil Ramos
Security Manager: Juan Carlos González Caceres
Managing Director: Julio E Arana Gonzalez
Operator: ECASA

Airport Data: International, Cienfuegos 6km (3miles), Position 22°09´00"N, 080°24´51"W, Elevation 31m (101ft), Operating hours 11:00-22:00 UTC,or if requested 24hrs before, 1 Passenger Terminal, 1 Cargo Terminal, 2 Aircraft Stands

Customs Tel: +53 (0)432 3965
Customs Hours: 11:00-22:00 UTC, or if requested 24hrs before

Airfield Data: Fire Category 6
Navigational Aids: VOR-DME-02, NDB-02
Runway 1: Heading 02/20, 2 400m (7 874ft), Aircraft size max: All types, Lighting: Rwy, OBST, Twy, PAPI-02

Airlines Serving Airport: Aero Caribbean, Aerogaviota, Air Transat, American Eagle, Continental, Cubana, Lab Flying Service, TACA/Groupo TACA

Passenger Facilities: 3 check-in desks

Additional Information: Airport development is in progress. The runway will be extended to 2,800m with all lighting necessary. 2 more aircraft stands will be built and the passenger terminal will be increased to a capacity of 300 passengers an hour. Development will be finished by the end of 2004.

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