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Country Code: +93  blob  IDD Access Code: 00   blob  NDD National Prefix: 0   blob  Time Zone: GMT+4.5

Kabul International Airport (KBL/OAKB)

Kabul Airport, Afghanistan, 1 Great Massoud Avenue, Kabul, Afghanistan
Tel: +93 (0)7995 13900, +93 (0)7995 13902
Tel: (Passenger Info) +93 (0)2023 00016
Fax: +93 (0)7951 1301
Operator: Hellenic Air Force

Airport Data: International, Heliport, Kabul 16km (9miles), Position 34°33´57"N, 069°12´44"E, Elevation 1 789m (5 869ft), Operating hours Sunrise to Sunset, 2 Passenger Terminals

Customs Tel: +93 (0)7027 5096

Traffic 2006
Aircraft movements 54 300

Airfield Data: Fire Category CAT 8
Emergency Services: 1x light, 2x medium, 3x heavy rescue vehicles, HAZMAT truck
Navigational Aids: TACAN, DVOR
Aircraft Maintenance: deicing
Refuelling: Jet A-1
Runway 1: Heading 11/29, 3 500m (11 482ft), 059/R/B/W/T, ILS, Rwy 11, Lighting: Simple approach 420m HI, Rwy 29, Lighting: Precision approach Cat I 900m HI

Airlines Serving Airport: Air Arabia, Air India, Ariana Afghan Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Flydubai, Iran Aseman Airlines, Kam Air, Pakistan Int´l, Pamir Airways, Safi Airways

Cargo Facilities: Handling Equipment: Unloading equipment & fuel storage, forklifts to 18T

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